Baochu Gems Square

Founded in 2010, Baojue Gem Fair mainly provides gems, diamonds, jewellery, jadeite, gem identification, customized jewellery, wedding ring design and all kinds of hand-made gemstones.


The collection of gems is accumulated over time and takes time to quench the chain. We travel thousands of miles and have been to several iconic gem production areas or distribution centers in the world, and have seen many moving gems. From the collection of ore crystals to the sale of precious gems. The experience of the origin, the literature of various gem schools, and the industry information that keeps pace with the times are all information we are happy to share with you.

Collect gems together~

The so-called collection is to organize and store some things that they think are worth keeping. Therefore, people who collect things, called Collectors, are collectors. The role of collectors is actually something that everyone can play. Everyone may collect them. Some people collect a whole floor of Chanel, some collect a litter of LV, some collect a house of stones, and some don’t collect anything, but they collect emotions. Collectors sometimes like to talk to others. Share collections.